Attorney Jeffry Dougan

Jeffry Dougan

  • Former Deputy Trial Attorney
  • Experienced Litigator
  • Passionate About Getting Results

Clients First

When Denver Personal Injury Lawyer Jeffry Dougan started Marathon Law, he was determined to start a personal injury practice that was different from the rest.  His clients – people with real problems desperate for real solutions – would always tell him that, until they met him, no one seemed to be listening.   Hearing about the lack of personal attention that his clients were getting toward their cases, Mr. Dougan knew he had to do better.  And to do that, all he had to do was follow one simple rule: Always put the client first.   Going through a Colorado personal injury case is hard enough. The last thing someone who’s injured needs is a lawyer who won’t listen, an attorney who won’t return phone calls, or someone who just tells his clients what they want to hear because he’s afraid of telling them the truth.  If you are looking for a lawyer who always shoots straight, is never too busy to take your phone call, and personally handles every case in his office, attorney Jeffry Dougan is your Denver personal injury lawyer.

Experienced Trial Attorney

When it comes down to it, the most important question a client should ask herself is whether her personal injury attorney has been to trial.  Anyone can write a settlement demand letter to an insurance company, take a low-ball offer, and move on to the next case.  But when the going gets tough, is that attorney ready to put the gloves on and jump in the ring?   Prior to starting Marathon Law, Denver personal injury attorney Jeffry Dougan was a deputy trial attorney for the Colorado State Public Defender.  He has been to trial more times than he can remember and he has successfully settled hundreds of cases for his clients.

Clients Are More Than Just a Number

Some lawyers claim that they’re “aggressive” but rarely see the courtroom.  If you’re looking for a Denver personal injury attorney who is just going to go through the motions, accept the first settlement offer that comes along, and take the money and run,  Mr. Dougan is not the Denver personal injury lawyer for you.   But if you’re looking for an experienced trial attorney who won’t stop fighting until you have received every last bit of compensation that you deserve, then Mr. Dougan is your man.   Attorney Jeffry Dougan’s entire practice is dedicated to personal injury clients who have had their worlds turned upside down and just need a helping hand to help them get back on their feet.  Denver personal injury attorney Jeffry Dougan is here to go the distance with you and make sure that you are able to live out a fulfilling life despite your injuries.

Specializing in Personal Injury Cases

Denver personal injury lawyer Jeffry Dougan specializes in car, motorcycle, and semi-truck accidents; workers’ compensation; slip-and-fall cases; revenge pornography; nursing home neglect and elder abuse; bad faith insurance claims (when insurance companies won’t pay their fair share); and other general personal injury cases.  If you’ve been injured through no fault of your own, set up your case evaluation with Mr. Dougan today.

You’re Not Alone

This is one the most difficult times that you will ever go through. You don’t have to go through it alone.  Contact Denver personal injury attorney Jeffry Dougan today and set up your confidential case evaluation. Attorney Jeffry Dougan is here to go the distance with you and bring the fight to them.  303-704-1222.



  • University of Colorado Law School Juris Doctorate 2007
  • University of North Texas Bachelor of Arts, cum laude, Economics 2000