How much is your case worth?

It’s okay to ask, but the answer can be complicated.

how much is your case worthHow much is your case worth?  When someone is hurt, one of the first things she wants to know is how much her case is worth.  It’s okay to ask, but an honest Denver Personal Injury Attorney will tell you that the answer is nearly impossible to predict.  There are so many factors that affect the value of a case: the costs of medical treatment, loss of enjoyment of life, lost wages, future medical needs.  And on and on and on . . .

Attorneys don’t have crystal balls.  But we do have brains, very expensive brains.

An experienced Denver personal injury attorney  will never lie to you and tell you how much your case is worth before you’ve even seen a doctor.  But he will evaluate the pluses and minuses of your case and tell you whether or not it’s worth your time and effort to pursue it.  Any personal injury attorney that pretends (s)he has a crystal ball and can calculate your case to the last penny simply isn’t telling the truth.   We have expensive brains and a lot of schooling, but we’re not fortune tellers and honest attorneys don’t lie to their clients.

If you win, we win.

If you are injured and your case is successful, you can recover damages for lost earnings, medical expenses, pain and suffering, physical impairment, and an inability to work in addition to other costs. These damages can include past losses and any losses that you will incur in the future.  And it’s in our interest for you to recover as much as possible because we take a percentage of what you recover.

The reason that a Denver personal injury attorney takes your case on a percentage basis is precisely because it’s impossible to tell how much it’s worth.  But it’s our job to make sure you recover as much as possible.  The more you recover, the more we recover.  That way you never have to worry if we’re working for you.  If you win, we win.

Here to fight.

Your Denver Personal Injury Attorney Jeffry Dougan will fight to see to it that you recover every last bit of compensation that you have coming to you.  Call 303-704-1222 or contact Your Denver Personal Injury Attorney today for a confidential case evaluation.