Denver DUI Victim Lawyer

DUI Victim Lawyer Jeffry Dougan fights for victims hurt or killed by drunk drivers.

A former DUI defense attorney turned DUI victim lawyer.

Before he was a DUI victim lawyer, Attorney Jeffry Dougan was a trial deputy for the Colorado State Public Defender and a private criminal defense attorney.  DUI victim lawyer Jeffry Dougan has defended a countless number of DUI’s.  In fact, in his former life as a defense attorney, Mr. Dougan took a substantial number of drunk driving cases to jury trial and won the majority of them.

Therefore, when you are looking for a Denver victim lawyer to manage your personal injury claim, you really need an attorney who can combine his prior experience as a Denver DUI defense attorney with his current knowledge as a Denver personal injury attorney.

As a DUI victim lawyer, experience counts.

Having won most of his DUI trials, Mr. Dougan knows not only how to defend a DUI case, but how to successfully prosecute drunk driving personal injury cases.

Mr. Dougan has seen firsthand how a junior Denver district attorney or a district attorney from another jurisdiction can lose his or her DUI case.  Oftentimes, it’s due to the person’s lack of experience or his or her heavy caseload that is overwhelming.  Other times, that person has just been outgunned by a defense attorney who knows his facts and his law better or, frankly, is just a better trial attorney.

Therefore, it’s helpful to have a DUI victim attorney with prior DUI defense experience to go to the defendant’s court dates and make sure that the D.A. is doing his/her job.  Another attorney can rarely tell a district attorney what to do, but he can sure tell him/her what they ought to do.

Let an experienced Denver personal injury attorney with a DUI defense background assist you with your personal injury case today!

Drunk driving personal injury cases are some of the most devastating personal injury cases a person will ever experience and some of the most difficult cases a Denver personal injury attorney will ever litigate.

Therefore, if you or a loved one has been victimized by another person’s reckless drunk driving actions, Denver personal injury attorney Jeffry Dougan has the experience and knowledge from both sides to maximize the value of your claim.  If you or a loved one has been in injured in a DUI accident, call DUI victim lawyer Jeffry Dougan today at 303-704-1222 and set up your FREE consultation.

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